Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby Organization

We were blessed with our precious baby boy 7 weeks ago. This entry will consist of organizing his belongings!

We got him a diaper changing table and some storage boxes for things like extra clothes if there are leaks, extra diapers, wipes etc. The diaper pail and diaper bag are next to this area for convenience.                

His diapers, wipes, rash creams and some tissues are next to his changing area. The tissues are for sudden spit ups or vomiting incidents that he may have. Nice to have everything within hands reach!

His grooming kit is in the bathroom (next to my stuff!) and I use his things during and after his bath. It's nice to have everything in a small basket so that if I need to move around with it from room to room I can easily do so. I keep his oils, lotions, shampoos, brush, comb and similar things in here. 

As for the closet, I have arranged it according to age. We received so many gifts and it was easy to just organize his clothes in that manner so that I remember to use it when the time comes. With a newborn one gets so busy it would be impossible to search for the specific month's clothes and therefore many would remain unused. It was essential to organize by month because of that. I also purchased a hanging rod from The Container Store so I could double the space in his small closet. 

I bought some closet dividers from Amazon which distinguish between the months so it's easy for me to know which month's clothes I'm looking at. This has allowed me to quickly pick out his outfits instead of trying to figure out sizes!

That's all I've got for now! Will hopefully learn more tips as baby grows older! :)

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