Saturday, June 18, 2016

Guest Room/Office Combo, and How to Make Guests Feel Welcome!

Dual purpose spaces become a necessity when living in an apartment. Today I'll show you how I've combined our guest room and office space to make the room multi-functional. Apart from that, I'll also be posting some ideas on how you can make your guests feel very welcome in your home during their stay!

Even though space is tight in apartments, I ended up getting a queen sized bed for the guest room for the sake of comfort. This is especially important if you have couples or families staying over. By positioning the bed sideways against the wall, I was able to create a daybed looking effect and there was more space to walk around in the room this way. I also added in an arm chair for relaxing. To the right is the closet. When I have guests over I try to empty a portion of the closet for them and leave out plenty of hangers for their convenience. I also keep an electric fan and heater in the closet just in case the guests are feeling too hot or cold during the night. 

The bed faces the other side of the room, which is where the office is. The majority of the desk is cleared off if guests are over so that they have space to work on. However, I try to keep out some pens and a notepad in case they need to jot down anything. I also have a sleep pillow mist which is lavender and vanilla scented on the desk in case they need it. A clock is also placed on the desk, and there is a trash can under the desk for their convenience. These are small things that can sometimes be forgotten to be placed in the guestroom, thereby making things inconvenient for those staying over.

I try to make my overnight guests feel special by providing a simple basket filled with goodies and other essentials on the bed. Here I have some fresh towels, snacks, water bottles, toiletries, some pain relievers, cough drops, a washcloth, and I also keep a slip of paper with the WiFi password on it. If you have Muslim guests, you should try to include a paper with prayer times, a prayer mat, Qiblah direction, prayer beads and a copy of the Quran in the room too.

Whenever we have guests over and they see this basket upon arrival in their room, they have the biggest smile on their face and really appreciate the effort put into it! It definitely makes them feel welcome!

Finally, to make their trip extra memorable, give them breakfast in bed! Waking up a little early to whip up a quick breakfast is a gesture that will brighten their day and start it off just right. The above picture is an example of what I've given guests. Adding a small flower arrangement on the tray doesn't hurt either :)

I hope these tips were helpful to you! Let me know what YOU do to make your guests feel special! I'd love to learn more! 

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