Friday, April 15, 2016

Organizing Toys

In an attempt to organize my 3 year old's play area, I went out and bought 2 wheeled carts from Target ($25 each) and labeled each section with very simple sketches. We've had this system up for a few weeks and my son knows exactly where his toys go! You could also try printing out images for categorizing. A bonus with these metallic carts is that they are magnetic, so you can get creative with them! The wheels also make it easy to move from room to room if you need it for that.

Here is a close up of the labels. Very basic, but the main thing is that it's easy for him to understand!

I have labels for pretend play (laptop, phone and medical kit), cars, books, baby toys (mainly for guests during play date at this point) and blocks. 

I hope these ideas were helpful to you! I'd love to hear about how you keep your kids' toys organized as well!

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