Friday, October 28, 2016

Pantry Makeover at a Friend's!

A close friend of mine is in the process of organizing her home. One of the areas she wanted to deal with was her pantry. The pantry is a high traffic area that is usually used by all members of the family, and if there's no system then it's easy for this area to get messy! 

Organizing is a two step process. The first step is to purge all of the items that are not needed, and the second is to compartmentalize. My friend went through the tedious but essential process of decluttering her pantry and sent me pics. After she only had what was needed in the pantry, she asked me how to keep it organized, so I thought I'd surprise her by creating a system in her pantry for her!

Here is a picture of how it all started:

Pretty much looks like most pantries I have seen! After downsizing to only the items that are usable, she ended up with the picture below on the left. Her food products were all categorized into different zones. The pantry is actually really organized, but you can still see everything in plain sight, and hiding that is what makes the space looks orderly. You can achieve that simply by placing like items in bins. 

Here is a before and after:

The key is to have a theme and stick to that. I got bins for her that are all the same size, color and design. If you would like to go for 2 or 3 more colors then go for it, but it's best to stick to a theme to make the area look aesthetically pleasing. All of the organizational products were purchased from the Dollar General store and Target. The final step, of course, was to label the bins to ensure that everything stays in its place, and to find things at a glance. 

If you would like to check out a more thorough pantry organization blog post, check out my current pantry setup. 

I hope you found this post helpful! Let me know how you keep your pantry organized. 
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