Friday, May 23, 2014

Toddler Reading Nook in Closet

Having a reading nook for my son is something I've always wanted. There are such wonderful pictures online of glorious and relaxing reading nooks for adults and children alike. Living in an apartment makes it a little difficult to find space to have an added space like this, but thinking outside the box helps. 

We had a blank wall in the master bedroom closet which was just dead space. Since I have my own closet in the guest bedroom and the boys (father and son) share the master bedroom closet, I thought it would be appropriate to keep a little reading nook for the tiny tot in the unused space: 

My son absolutely LOVES this little area! As soon as the closet door opens, he runs inside, grabs a book (or three) and sit down to read in his own baby language. It's just adorable to see a tiny bookworm :)

For the sitting area, I had a cushion and Boppy pillow from before, so that didn't cost anything for this particular project. However, I had bought these wall shelves from Amazon:

It definitely meets the needs of a 20 month old. Each shelf can hold two layers of books, so there's enough room to grow for now.

I've set up another option in the picture below. Instead of using cushions, you can also use a toddler chair and add a chalkboard so they can draw. I'm waiting until he gets a little older to add the chalkboard though (I will most probably hang it below the shelves) because he is too young to use chalks right now. Would be a great little area to learn his ABC's! You can see how I made this chalkboard for an extremely affordable price right over here

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