Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Space is always tight in apartments, and kitchen cabinets are no exception. An easy way to create more storage space is by using an undershelf basket to separate different sized plates.

Another convenient method to store things in your kitchen cabinet is by using turntables, also known as lazy susans . They allow you to go through all your spices without tipping the ones in front and there's no need to look around for them.

Happy cooking! :)

Organizing Gift Cards

Gift cards, we all love them. Going out to the stores to buy items of your own choice has its own excitement. But there comes a point when it just becomes too overwhelming to carry all the cards in your wallet, and leaving it at home somewhere defeats the purpose when you go out and randomly see the store somewhere. Cue a card organizer, in this case, an Umbra brand.

It has a sleek and compact design so it's easy to throw in your purse, yet it can fit around 10 gift cards. A design feature in this product is that the cap is attached to the case with a bungee cord, so that the contents inside are secure and can't fall out.

Something I like to do is label my gift cards with stickers that state the amount in the card. That's something I can never remember, and having the amount written clearly on the card makes it easier to shop. Also, the stickers peel easily and you can add a new one once the total amount on your card decreases.

Hope this post helps make your shopping experience a little more hassle-free! :)

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