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Loteda - Buying and Selling Children's Clothes by the LOT

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Loteda. All opinions are 100% mine.

Those of us with children know how quickly they grow. And growing quickly means going through clothes while barely having worn them. Buying a whole new wardrobe every couple of months can be really expensive. If you go the alternative route and go to garage sales or consignment stores, it can be really time consuming. That's where Loteda comes in.

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Did you know that on average, US households spend $804/year per child on clothing? Loteda is such an interesting concept because it helps you buy or sell children's clothes in by the LOT. That means no need to try and sell the dozens of clothes one by one to try and make some cash. 

All you have to do to sell clothes is take a picture of each one, write down the brand name and condition. Loteda will choose a competitive resale price based on the original retail value, condition, and number of pieces in each lot. They will send a prepaid shipping kit once the lot sells. You just send the clothes back and receive 90% of the resale value just like that!

How easy is it to organize your children's clothes when using this method?! You can read more about How to sell here.

Shoppers can save money as all items are on a discounted price, and save time by buying a season's worth of clothes in one transaction. Returns are easy if you feel the seller misrepresented the quality/condition of the clothes

Sizes are Newborn - 5T/5, and all clothes are Gently-used. And the best part? I've got a discount code for you! 

20% off your total purchase. Use code: Summer20. Expires 8/31/2014
Would you use this kind of system, or is it out of your comfort zone? 

For more details, check out this video!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mom Purse Organization plus Sonia Kashuk Giveaway!! [CLOSED]

When my son turned 1 and a half years old, I took the plunge and decided not to bring his diaper bag with me everywhere, but leave it in the car instead in case I needed something. I know, not a very deep plunge, but still. I needed to keep his essentials along with mine in one purse now. I used a spacious Michaels Kors bag to do this. Here's what it looks like when you open it:

When I first started using this purse for both of our items, it was a huge mess with his clothes, toys, snacks etc everywhere. To be neat, the key is to compartmentalize everything. I got pouches for different things in my purse. There's also a convenient chain in this bag to hang keys from so you don't need to search on the bottom every time.

Let's get started with the breakdown: 

I love this striped pouch from J.Crew. It unfolds to become a decent sized fabric bag that can hold many items. Useful if you don't have enough hands to carry all items! Usually the case when you have a child with you! It folds again when you're done into a neat square pouch.

I got this small pouch from the Outlet Mall (excellent place for deals!). Rolling my son's clothes in here makes it much more organized than just throwing it in the purse.

Then of course, my wallet and sunglasses.

On the very bottom of the purse I stack one of his diapers, a disposable changing sheet and a very useful flexible wipes container, which is really slim and holds just enough wipes for a few trips. On the side I keep a container of his snacks, healing ointment and an interactive toy for endless fun (i.e. something to keep him quiet for 3 minutes tops).

 Finally, we're getting down to my last few personal items. A notebook and pen to jot down anything I want to remember. And a pouch from the Sonia Kashuk line. It fits perfectly in purses and keeps everything in its place.

A look inside. It's not clear unfortunately, but there are many pockets inside so that everything has a set place. There's even a zippered pocket hidden on the inside.   

Here are all the items I can fit into that small pouch!  The green cardholder holds all of my gift cards and some rewards cards. I also keep extra plastic bags folded into triangles in my purse. There's a post about it here.

And finally, a little gift for one lucky reader! I bought an extra Sonia Kashuk pouch, but I can't decide what stuff to keep inside! According to this post, it would only be sensible to keep purse essentials inside. But I thought it would be so much more FUN to keep studying, home office or planner essentials instead. Colored pens, fun post-its and other such items. So I want the winner to choose! Comment below what you would prefer if you won, and I'll get to shopping after the winner is chosen! I will be using Rafflecopter. Good luck!

This is my first ever giveaway so unfortunately it will be in the United States only, as I don't really know what to expect. Apologies to international readers! 

Also, those under 18 will need parental permission because I will be needing your address to send the prize.

Giveaway ends on July 20th 2014

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