Monday, March 5, 2018

Closet Clean Out Challenge

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I recently did a 3 week Closet Clean Out Challenge with quite a lot of my followers! It was so fun to go through all of our before and after pictures, and it really motivated even more people to do the same. 

My closet door

I made the challenge over the span of three weeks so that everyone can join in and it's not overwhelming. The goal was to completely organize the entire closet from top to bottom. 

For the first week, I had assigned the task of cleaning out the floors. Yes, even under all of the hanging clothes where we love to tuck away random stuff that we never see again until we move out of our homes. We did floors first so that we have plenty of space to walk in the closet and do the remaining tasks.

Here's a look at how much stuff was found under my hanging clothes in my walk in closet: 

Yikes! Let it be known that if I'm not respecting those items enough to put them away properly then I PROBABLY don't need to keep most of them. Majority of this stuff was donated or tossed. 

Here's a look at how the upper part of the closet looked like. There's no system here so everything gets tossed on the shelf. We worked on shelves second week and all hanging clothes third week.

I also wanted to upgrade from my plastic hangers to wooden ones to give the rental a more sophisticated feel. Found a great deal on Amazon for them! Ready for the after?

 An overview of the closet when you enter

Pakistani clothes take up one side of the closet

I cleared out the floors completely in the first week and got rid of all of the clutter and contained everything in the shelves second week. The white boxes are from The Container Store. I especially liked them because they are made of recycled material. Any chance to make better choices!

I labeled the boxes using a gold gel pen. The boxes contain travel items (such as packing cubes), shawls, cards, keepsakes and miscellaneous items in the last one. 

And finally, I donated any clothes that I no longer wear in the third week and changed out the hangers. In the end I had donated a total of 4 bags of clothes! 

Let's take a look at a few more before and afters:

Before: clothes are too close together making it unclear about what I actually own! 

After: gave away clothes that I no longer wear and spaced out the clothes that spark joy so that they don't get wrinkled. The bins on this shelf contains small items like socks, gloves, hijab caps etc.

Here's a look at my remaining shelves: 

The top 3 shelves are used to display my handbags and some shoes. I love giving closets a boutique feel. The last shelf I emptied out and use it for storing clean laundry that needs to be put away. I also added a mirror to the narrow wall on the side.

I also had a massive scarf collection on my door. I donated what I didn't use and kept the majority of the rest with their matching abayas, cardigans or shirts in their hangers. 

Scarf collection before 

Putting scarves with their matching pieces

After, a more manageable scarf collection

And that's about it for my Closet Clean Out Challenge in 3 weeks! It feels so much better now that I only have items that I love and I was able to give the rest to others who will hopefully enjoy them! Thank you SO much to those of you who joined me in the challenge. It was wonderful to see you all work towards a space that you'll love. The next challenge will be for a Kitchen Clean Out, so stay tuned for that! Follow me on Instagram to watch my entire Closet Clean Out Challenge on my highlights and to get more info about the next challenge!

What challenge would you like to work on in your home? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Friday, January 12, 2018

My Top 5 Gadgets for Parents

Happy 2018! I thought I'd start off the New Year by doing something a little different. I've rounded up our top 5 gadgets that my husband and I have agreed upon that have made parenting a little easier! Let's get started!

5: Dual DVD Players for Road Trips
Image Source

With flight prices getting more ridiculous and comfort levels getting less than satisfactory, our family goes on road trips a lot more compared to before. We have two little boys so a dual screen DVD player has been a lifesaver in our 12 hour roadtrips to meet family! We got ours from Target. We have one front facing child and one rear facing and it still works for both of them so that really helps!

4. Video Monitor

I purchased this video monitor from Amazon and it has been an essential tool in helping to sleep train our son in his own room. The image is very clear in both day and night and we are able to hear all of his little movements throughout the night via audio. This helps to keep parents feel at ease during sleep training to make sure the baby is alright. I love the different options in this gadget such as talking to the baby from your screen, adding more cameras to different rooms, checking the temperature of each room, and starting lullaby songs if your baby starts crying without having to enter their room. I also use the video monitor when I take quick showers, which is very useful! Before I had to wait for my husband to come home at night and take the kids just so that I could shower.

3) Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is a 9 in 1 programmable pressure cooker. There's so much this one gadget can do apart from pressure cooking, including cooking rice, making yogurt, sauteing, steaming, and a lot more. I love the one pot cooking method where you don't need to use separate pots to saute meats before cooking them, it can all be done in the Instant Pot, meaning less washing dishes! On certain dishes it saves a lot of time to use this. Also simple things like peeling hard boiled eggs after you pressurize them is so much easier - they just slip right out. The main reason I love the Instant Pot though is that you don't need to stand over it while it's cooking. You don't even need to be on the same floor! I can start the food, put on the lid and then take the baby upstairs for a nap while the food cooks on its own and the machine turns off for however long you put the timer on for. This has been a vital tool in the kitchen for me as a mother.

2) Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini also made it to the list. I was really surprised at how much this Google Assistant could do, especially compared to Amazon's Echo (Alexa). It really is a time-saving tool, and there was so much to share about it that I decided to make a video so that you can see it in the works. 

1) Robot Vacuum

The Ecovacs Deebot robot vacuum is my new best friend. I waited all year for the Black Friday sales to purchase this, and it was definitely worth the wait! It was for $149, and has 4.5/5 stars. It works just as well as the higher end brands, for a much better price. I've been using it almost every day since receiving it and it does a great job at picking up all of the crumbs and dust on the floor. My toddler likes to think he's Hansel from Hansel and Gretel and leaves a trail of crumbs in every nook and cranny of the downstairs floor. I used to spend so much time sweeping or vacuuming the floors every single day, but now I can cross one chore off my list as my new bestie does it for me :)

I purchased the Deebot n79, which is for hardwood, tiles, and low area rugs only. If you're looking to purchase a robot vacuum make sure you buy the correct model according to your floors. If it's fully carpeted then the n79 won't pick up everything as it was made for hardwood floors.  

So that's my list of top 5 gadgets for parents! What would be on your list? I would love to hear about it! 

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Master Bedroom Reveal!

After slowly collecting items one by one over the past 5-6 years, I've finally completed the master bedroom style that I had always aimed for! I was going for a serene sanctuary vibe, a place to unwind after  a long day. Here's a look at the completed room:

I wanted the room to feel warm and inviting while spacious and decluttered at the same time. I went according to Marie Kondo's method and only kept stuff that sparked joy to me every time I saw it, while donating everything else for a decluttered and spa-like feel.

Having a spiritual area to contemplate and a place to read books to my kids was also an important factor for my room as well. I purchased the double rocking chair, beverage cooler, and Amazon Echo online.

Most of the other products are from discount stores such as Home Goods. Let me know if you have any specific questions of where the products are from and I'll reply in the comments!

I hope you found this post helpful! What are some must haves in your bedroom? I would love to hear them! 

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet Organization

One of my most dreaded areas to maintain is the cabinet under the sink, be it kitchen or bathroom. It's really difficult to come up with a system that fits nicely inside because of the bulky J-Pipe that takes up most of the space! Also, the number of items are so many in the cleaning department that it's just an eye-sore to look at. 

I've found that magazine holders really cover up all of these items well! They can also be labeled easily, which is an added bonus. I discovered these beautiful ones in IKEA  for a really affordable price:

I did need to cut into one of the magazine holders from the other side in order to accommodate the J-Pipe though, but since it was made of cardboard it was easy to do, and it is not noticeable at all. 

For the detergent pods, I am using an airtight OXO Container, which I find works well. I bought the plastic bag holder a few years ago and am not able to find it online. However, I would go for this cabinet door option for plastic bags so that it allows for more space inside the cabinets. 

I hope you found this post helpful! What are some ways you organize under the sink cabinets? I would love to hear them! 

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Makeup Organization and Clean Up

Makeup can be a little challenging to organize since there are so many little pieces. Usually people store them in drawers, but that can get messy. I like to make sure I can see all of the things I have so that they don't remain unused. I found this stationery supplies organizer from Michael's to do the trick!

Of course, over time, these have to be organized as well. It was time to purge makeup items that had expired. I also made sure to clean all of the remaining makeup that I decided to keep along with the organizer with wet wipes. Here's a look at the after:

The after is much cleaner and dust-free! I only kept items that were bought in the last 2 years and arranged them according to catergories. You can easily label this organizer using stickers from Michael's if you'd like. 

I found a chart online stating the expiration guide of various makeup products. Personally I get rid of products if they have dried up or they smell off since this guide would become very costly, espcially for those of us that hardly ever wear makeup! You can have a look at the chart here:

Ensuring that you are wearing usable makeup is extremely important so that your skin doesn't have adverse reactions to it! It's crucial to periodically purge makeup for this reason. 

Another thing that should regularly be cleaned is your hairbrush! There is so much hair, dirt, dust and dead skin cells that builds up in hairbrushes that you would prefer not to use it if you knew about it :) 

One way to make sure that most of the unwanted stuff gets out is by using a rat tail comb (used for parting your hair) and going up and down then side to side and digging out everything. Hairbrushes also contain oils from your hair, and to get this out you can use a solution of shampoo and water and clean the hairbrush using a toothbrush so as not to transfer oil back into your hair while brushing it! Complete the process by rinsing the brush and laying it bristle side down to dry.

Finally, makeup brushes also need to be cleaned very regularly! Not doing so can cause you to break out. Clean them by simply rinsing in water, then use a gentle shampoo and create a lather. Rinse off being careful not to get the handle wet, and lay to dry on a towel. I had taken pictures of the process for this blog post but the memory card stopped working recently! You can check out videos of how to clean make up brushes on YouTube though, there are plenty of those!

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fridge Organization Video - Side by Side Frigidaire

Keeping your fridge organized is essential if you want to refrain from having food and money wastage from items expiring in the back. Here's a look at how I organize my fridge and freezer!

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Paperless Post Review

My brother got married a few months ago in Dubai, and we had invited guests from all over the world to the event. Sending out invites is a really time-consuming process with over 200 guests, and it can get expensive! The option that made sense the most was sending out electronic invites. Not only is it hassle free and affordable, but RSVPs are immediate with the click of one button, and it is environmentally friendly. Apart from the RSVP, guests can send the hosts comments and share pictures with all of the other guests as well! 

We had chosen Paperless Post to decide on the wedding card. The designs are beautiful and the options are many. When the email is opened, there is lovely animation which looks like you are opening the envelope as well! 

Birthdays, weddings, baby showers and holidays are the obvious events for sending out cards. Paperless Post also has multiple options for different circumstances as well! I will be moving homes in 2 weeks and they have an entire section on Change of Address cards, something that I found unique and very useful!

It can be cumbersome to find e-cards for Muslim holidays. I have seen a few for Eid, but Paperless Post also has many choices for Iftaar invitations! The designs are very pretty and very Ramadan-like. Check out an example below:

Finally, I wanted to share an example of a birthday card. I thought the design was absolutely gorgeous! There were numerous colors to choose from, and you can edit the text to whatever you would like, making each card very personalized. 

Hope you found this post helpful! How would you use evites?

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Living Room Spring Refresh

The amazing luxury furniture company Arhaus encouraged me to share my plans on decorating for Spring! This is by far my favorite season after the dreary winter. It's when flowers bloom and the sun feels warm on the skin with a gentle breeze in the air. It's also a great time to decorate! 

Just to give you an idea, here's a look at what my living room looked like during the Fall and Winter months: 

In order to get into the Spring feel, I love adding pastels, florals and paisley designs! Fresh flowers are also a great way to make the room look more cheerful!

My style of decorating a room is to always keep all furniture neutral and then change up the accessories to alter the mood. Different pops of color can make such a huge difference, all while having the same base. I like to change throw pillows on the sofa, blankets, wall art and flowers according to the seasons.

I love how everything turned out, but I am really looking into changing the lighting of my living room! There are some GORGEOUS Arhaus lighting options that I fell in love with. I feel like changing the lighting would really make the living room look complete. Here are some of my favorite options:

Hope you found this post helpful! How do you decorate for Spring?

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Organize Jewelry Using Ferrero Rocher Box!

One of the best ways to organize your things is to upcycle products that you would normally dispose of. Here's a 5 minute project I did using a box of Ferrero Rocher! 

These boxes are awesome for holding earrings, statement rings and brooches. After lining the drawer with wrapping paper I bought at Paper Source, I placed the box with my jewelry in it and a ring holder I had from before. Have a look at the little horror I used to have before in my drawers!


What a difference 5 minutes can make! Eating up the chocolates was a fun process too :) What projects can you do in 5 minutes? 

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Sunday, January 29, 2017


Before having kids, I had absolutely no idea how long it actually takes to get them ready to leave the house for simple tasks. Need to buy baby food? Take the toddler to the bathroom. Get him to wear somewhat matching clothes and shoes. Make sure baby is fed, change diaper, put on fresh pair of clothes, get diaper bag ready with formula and refill diapers and wipes....then the baby spits up so you put everything down and change his clothes again! Getting into the car and buckling the kids into their car seats is considered a huge achievement in this household!

Thank God for technology though. Online shopping makes life much easier! There are numerous websites where you can shop from, but one stands out because it makes things easier for mothers like me, and that is . This website is a one stop shop for all things children and motherhood related, and it has some great deals too. To top it off, shipping is free on orders over $49! 

I have to say, my favorite category on this website is called Gifts for Moms. The options really make me think that maybe I should be getting gifts for myself for being an awesome mom lol :) The brands are all high end such as Kate Spade, Prada, Ray Ban, Nespresso, and so much more! Perfect for pampering the mothers or mothers to be in your life.

Mothers can also get other useful information from in areas such as finding the best pregnancy tests and how to select the best prenatal vitamins for yourself.

In terms of baby related products, you can find absolutely everything under the sun. Of course, the first section I had to check out was organization for baby's room. They have a massive assortment of goods that can help you get your baby's nursery organized! I also love how they have various visuals for current trends for nurseries. Really is inspirational for decor.

I hope you find this post helpful! Make sure you check out for more products. They have 20% off coupons for new customers, which is an amazing deal! 

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Disclaimer: I was contacted by to do a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

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