Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Pack Mugs, Glasses and Bowls

Yup, you guessed it! We're moving soon. As in tomorrow. So while on a lunch break, I thought I'd make a post on a quick tip. Packing fragile items: 

You'll have to find a slim box for this one. I found our computer monitor box being unused, so decided to use it for the short road trip to the next apartment. 

It's a great size as it's able to fit over 20 glassware items. 

I started off by cutting bubble wrap into long strips, and zigzagging my way around the mugs. I used double layers of the bubble wrap to ensure maximum protection. 

Here's how it looks placed inside the box. The mugs that are not covered will be covered with the next row of mugs when cushioned in alternate directions.

I then proceeded to do the same with the glasses, putting them in 4 at a time. 

After putting in the mugs and glasses, I still had plenty of extra space, so I added these bowls using the same method. 

There was a bit of a gap on the side, so I filled it in with rolled up clothes. 

Here's the finished product! 8 mugs, 8 glasses and 3 bowls, completely packed with no space to move!

When closed up, it looks like it's going to remain safe and sound! I'd recommend to still handle it with care and keep it horizontal at all times if possible. It should be safe if vertical, but I wouldn't risk it!

I'm looking forward to the move so that I can post new organizational tips and tricks in a new apartment! Especially excited about the closet!!

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  1. Great advice. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that your blog is Featured Blog of the Week on my blog, Ducks 'n a Row. Your button appears on the right sidebar for a week. Told you I love your blog! Hope you get lots of new readers.


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