Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How to Make Your Own Chalkboard - DIY

I'm planning a themed party at my place for which I thought getting a chalkboard would be nice. I needed a big one for a large sign near the dining table. I searched high and low for such a chalkboard, which was also nicely framed. Everything I could find was around $50 for the size I wanted (around 30 inches long). That's when I figured the best thing would be to do a DIY project.

I found a large frame for $5 at Goodwill, a secondhand shop. It has detailed ridges around the border, which added a nice touch. I plan to change the color of the frame in the future, but for now this color worked well for the project. 

I purchased chalkboard spray paint from Hobby Lobby for around $3. You can always take a 50% off coupon there. I figured spray painting would be a much faster process than manually painting with a brush, so I went with this option.

Painters tape is optional. If you find a frame with backing that opens and you're able to take out the glass, simply place the glass on newspapers and paint on that. You won't need to buy painters tape in that case. I chose to use it.

I taped around the entire frame, making sure to overlap so that there are no gaps.

I painted one layer of chalkboard spray paint on, then after 3 hours did another layer.

After 24 hours, I took the side of a chalk and rubbed it all over the chalkboard. This makes the surface look more like a chalkboard when rubbed in well.

This is how the whole chalkboard looked after I rubbed in the chalk.

Erasing that "masterpiece" with a chalkboard duster or tissue gives it the effect we're looking for.

I removed the painters tape...

And there you have it! Your own chalkboard for your home for less than $10. This is my first chalkboard ever at home so I evidently need to work on my handwriting more :) But I'm looking forward to using it for various projects in the future!


  1. Awesome! Been thinking of getting one for Haya. Didn't know THIS was possible!

    1. I've never seen chalkboard spray paint in UAE, but I'm sure some hardware store would have it! Let me know if you find it!

  2. Wow cool idea! I love chalkboards but they're so expensive, this seems like a great alternative


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