Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What to Pack for Hajj Part 3 {Healthcare and Religious Items}

Welcome to the third and final article in the What to Pack for Hajj series! 

Today we will discuss healthcare and religious items. Let's get started! 

1. Band-aids for cuts or scrapes

2. Eye and/or ear drops

3. Tylenol (I use this for fever)

4. Advil (For aches)

5. Allergy medicine. I took Zyrtec. In Muzdalifa you will basically be sleeping out in the open on a bed of sand and dust :) Allergies galore. I sneezed just thinking about it!

6. Make sure you take Multivitamins on a regular basis. Start at least a few weeks before the trip to build your immune system. Nature's Way Gummy Vitamins taste good and are halal!

7. A high dose of Vitamin C. I took a 1000mg tablet every day from a couple of weeks before Hajj up until Hajj was over. Alhumdulillah apart from a slight cough which is inevitable, I didn't get sick! I also took the flu vaccine before leaving for Hajj and I am sure that contributed to not getting ill. I would definitely recommend it!

8. Neosporin, which is an ointment for wounds.

9. Ask your doctor for antibiotics in case you get ill over there. We just asked a Muslim family friend doctor to prescribe medication. He prescribed Amoxicillin and Ciprofloxacin. Only use if needed! We didn't need to use it thankfully, but it was comforting to know we had antibiotics on hand instead of needing to find a doctor and wait in line.

10. Laxatives

11. Imodium

12. Hand sanitizer

13. Medication to delay the menstruation cycle. Please make sure to start these around 2-3 months in advance to get your body used to it. Ladies can email me at simplyseher@gmail.com for more information on feminine issues.

I would also recommend getting pouches or smaller bags to organize your belongings. I used the Shacke Pak packing cubes for clothes and religious items. It comes in a set of four and also a laundry bag, which is very handy as well! I have linked the product below, it comes in various colors. It can be used during any trip of course.

Small cosmetic pouches are great for medication and toiletries. Everything being compartmentalized really leads to less stress during your trip. You can find those in many stores. Pencil cases will also do the trick.

Finally, a few religious items. 

1. A prayer mat is essential for each person because you could be praying anywhere at any time of day. I would recommend a small, children sized prayer mat for each person. It takes up less space in your bag and is lightweight. Also, there are many strangers who would want to share your prayer mat if you bring a regular sized one. With illnesses all around you, it would be best to not share something that you put your face on numerous times a day. Take care of your health so that you are fit enough to keep up with the rituals of Hajj!

2. A mini Quran along with mini books of supplication. I read the supplication books during tawaf and sa'ee as well. All of the duas in the book are directly from the Quran and Sunnah. Here's a closer look at the books:

3. Prayer beads (tasbih) for remembrance of Allah.

4. An iPod or Mp3 player loaded with lectures from beforehand, along with earbuds. This comes in use during all of the times you are transporting from one place to another, or in the tents if you are very tired and want to lie down but not waste precious time!

5. I also regularly used a large, lightweight shawl inside the tents. It covered my whole body, was comfortable, and was perfect for prayers.

6. A List of Duas should be written in advance, preferably a few pages long. This is the ultimate time to ask for whatever it is you want, so make sure to balance duas of both deen and duniya on your list. Pour your heart out on those papers! I was able to read those pages at least twice a day every day. Also ask your family and friends to list their duas and print these out to take with you.

Also, please remember me in your prayers during this blessed journey!

Hope this series about what to pack for Hajj was helpful for you! Please comment below if you have anymore ideas! Would love to hear them!

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  1. thank you, great tips!
    so #13, guess that's necessary?

    1. No problem at all! :) Yes, #13 will be necessary because you actually can't leave Saudi without doing Tawaf-e-Ziyaarah because your Hajj won't be complete. A lot of people have a flight just a couple of days after Tawaf-e-Ziyaraah. Now, some scholars say that if a woman is menstruating and has no choice but to take the flight before purifying herself, then she may do the tawaf during her periods. However, Hajj is only done once usually and for me, it would not feel complete if I had to do it in that way. I would have felt like I was doing something wrong, entering the Masjid in that state.

      Feel free to email me at simplyseher@gmail.com if you have any questions about what pills to take! A lot of my group members didn't take pills until they got to Saudi Arabia and they all ended up menstruating because of the stressful conditions over there. Don't skimp on this part inshaAllah! :)

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  2. Nice post Seher, I like the Shacke Pak packing cubes!

    How about a trusty little umbrella for blocking out the sun, then again the sun cream in the toiletries bag would be ok I guess :)


    1. Thank you so much! The Shacke Paks really kept everything organized :)

      I actually had two other posts before this one about what to pack for Hajj and included a section on sun protection. My go-to item was a sunhat and I used to everyday :) It's extremely important because the glare is very strong. Men, of course, would have to use umbrellas because they can't cover their heads.

  3. Interesting article, thanks! I’ve subscribed to your website posts. Nice ideas in this blog. Our Health Our Life agree with you.

    1. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! So glad you find the posts interesting :)

  4. I've read all 3 parts of the series and found them extremely helpful :) Thanks for making it an itemized list therefore making it less daunting

    1. Really happy to hear you found all the posts helpful! If you're going for Hajj please keep me in your duas inshaAllah!

  5. This is extremely helpful, detailed, and very informative! Thank you so much for writing this! You mentioned stuff I would've never even thought of to bring and thank you so much for that! :-) Me and my husband are planning on going to Hajj this year inshaAllah and your posts on what to bring made it so much less stressful! I was wondering which agency did you go with to complete your Hajj? And which year did you go?

    1. Salam! I'm so glad you found the Hajj posts useful! I went for Hajj in 2014 with Ainul Haramain based in New York. It was an affordable package but I'm sure you'll find more organized groups if you pay a little more inshaAllah. Definitely makes a difference :) Please remember me in your duas when you go for Hajj iA!

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