Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Nightstand Organization

   As the new year rolled around in 2016, I wanted to update my bedroom decor to give it a more elegant and serene feel. Here's a quick look at the before and after:

The before was a more fun and ethnic style of decor, whereas the after is going for the more sophisticated style. I didn't have a headboard initially, and created the illusion of having one by using pillows and a low wall hanging. For the new look, I ended up buying a new headboard, bedding and nightstand. In this blog post I'll give you a closer look at how I organize this space!

The top of the nightstand has a few essential items...a water bottle, tissue box, and some nighttime lotions and pillow mist. I have had issues with insomnia and I can assure you that the sleep pillow mists from Bath and Body Works with the lavender and vanilla scent are one of the few things that actually work! You can also check out the rave reviews on Amazon here.

Moving on to the inside of the nightstand:

I am using this space as something that is both functional and fun. I have items in here that I would reach for on a regular basis, along with some stationery items. It's very easy to make your nightstand a junk drawer as you stuff random things inside while cleaning your room. It becomes out of sight, out of mind. However, if you consciously think of what you want to do with this space, it can end up being a very practical area in your bedroom.

Here's a look at the top shelf. I got the striped bins from the Dollar Spot at Target, and the calendar was handmade at a Paper Source craft workshop. The area in the back holds some notebooks, post-its and some books I'm currently reading. 

I've kept two bins on the top shelf with a few nightstand essentials in each. 

In one of the bins I kept all of my medicine which I take regularly or that I might need at night time. Pictured are my multivitamins, melatonin for sleep aid, Tylenol for headaches or other pain, and some allergy relief medication.

The other bin has some moisturizing body lotion, lip balm, nail cutter, nail file and nail buffer, along with my toddler's nail scissors. I also kept a couple of hair clips here for easy access in the mornings.

The notebooks and notepads at the back of the top shelf are standing on a letter sorter I purchased from Target for $3. 

Moving on to the bottom shelf, I have a few more items that I might need or are stationery related. On the far left I keep a hot water bottle for aches or cramps. In the center is an organizer with some ear buds, colored pens, washi tape, paper clips, sticky notes and other basics. 

 Finally, here are the last few items in the nightstand. I have a mini version of a few stationery supplies such as stapler, hole punch, tape etc, a reading light for books, a torch in case of power outage, a bookmark, and a collection of cards for various occasions to send out if the need arises! 

I hope these ideas were helpful to you! I'd love to hear what else you keep in your nightstand in case I'm missing out on something.

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  1. Love the look. But since you have a three year old, I wouldn't keep medicine or vitamins in a nightstand. Please put them up high put of their reach because even three year olds can learn to open child proof bottles.

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