Monday, June 12, 2017

Makeup Organization and Clean Up

Makeup can be a little challenging to organize since there are so many little pieces. Usually people store them in drawers, but that can get messy. I like to make sure I can see all of the things I have so that they don't remain unused. I found this stationery supplies organizer from Michael's to do the trick!

Of course, over time, these have to be organized as well. It was time to purge makeup items that had expired. I also made sure to clean all of the remaining makeup that I decided to keep along with the organizer with wet wipes. Here's a look at the after:

The after is much cleaner and dust-free! I only kept items that were bought in the last 2 years and arranged them according to catergories. You can easily label this organizer using stickers from Michael's if you'd like. 

I found a chart online stating the expiration guide of various makeup products. Personally I get rid of products if they have dried up or they smell off since this guide would become very costly, espcially for those of us that hardly ever wear makeup! You can have a look at the chart here:

Ensuring that you are wearing usable makeup is extremely important so that your skin doesn't have adverse reactions to it! It's crucial to periodically purge makeup for this reason. 

Another thing that should regularly be cleaned is your hairbrush! There is so much hair, dirt, dust and dead skin cells that builds up in hairbrushes that you would prefer not to use it if you knew about it :) 

One way to make sure that most of the unwanted stuff gets out is by using a rat tail comb (used for parting your hair) and going up and down then side to side and digging out everything. Hairbrushes also contain oils from your hair, and to get this out you can use a solution of shampoo and water and clean the hairbrush using a toothbrush so as not to transfer oil back into your hair while brushing it! Complete the process by rinsing the brush and laying it bristle side down to dry.

Finally, makeup brushes also need to be cleaned very regularly! Not doing so can cause you to break out. Clean them by simply rinsing in water, then use a gentle shampoo and create a lather. Rinse off being careful not to get the handle wet, and lay to dry on a towel. I had taken pictures of the process for this blog post but the memory card stopped working recently! You can check out videos of how to clean make up brushes on YouTube though, there are plenty of those!

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