Friday, August 2, 2013

Closet Organization - Women

The closet is a space we use every single day so it's important to keep it organized. Here are some tips:

1) Use all the same hangers. Clothes can be hung in an orderly fashion but if there are hangers of various sizes, colors and materials in the closet, it's bound to look messy. 

Ideally I would have liked these black, velvet hangers as they are thin and cut the amount of space the clothes take into half. However, since I already had majority of the white, plastic hangers, I stuck with those. Plastic hangers are definitely less pricey and easier to find in stores. 

Image source

2) Color coordinate. Some might find this excessive, but let me share the benefits: 
    ~Convenient to find the clothes you're looking for
    ~Aesthetically pleasing
    ~More effective in figuring out what to wear 
    ~Easy to find out which colored clothes you have too many of so
      they can be given away or donated. 


3) Categorize types of clothes. Although it may not be clear in these pictures, the clothes have been categorized according to type. On the left side are my everyday clothes, and on the right side are the party wear clothes. Another way to do this is to categorize long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts, dresses, skirts and pants separately, and within those categories you color coordinate.

4) Scarf organization. Having a lot of scarves inside drawers is hardly ever a good idea since they are bound to get messy if used frequently. A simple solution is using an over the door hanger to hang your scarves so that they don't all get tangled with each other. Less ironing involved too! 


Another option is this hanger made specifically for scarves: 

I personally never liked this type because by the time you finish adding all of your scarves in, it looks bulky and unorganized. It works for other people that I know of though, so it's a personal preference! 

Those are all of the tips for organization in a woman's closet. Mens organization will be posted separately! :)


  1. Great! Using hangers with clips to hold skirts and pants are also very convenient. :)

  2. Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing at All My Bloggy Friends :)

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