Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Packing Carry-on for Baby

Traveling can be stressful as is. Add a baby into the mix and it can get even more hectic. Having an organized carry-on for the baby definitely makes it easier in some aspects during the time you're away from the comforts of your own home. 

I like to organize my 10 month old's clothes in gallon-sized zip-lock bags. They're affordable, reusable, and most importantly, clear. I keep his onesies in one, t-shirts in another, and the 3rd one holds his pants and socks.

All of the prints face the front so that I can quickly mix and match an outfit. We all know how valuable time is after having a baby!

Another useful item is this clear toiletries bag. This kit is great for things like

-Nail cutter
-Infant Tylenol
-Saline Solution
-Bulb syringe
-Rash creams
-Gas drops
-Prescription medicines
-Shampoo, soaps

And basically every other small thing you will be needing for your trip. I took this case to a month long trip overseas and didn't need to purchase anything extra when I got there!

Here's a picture of what the baby's carry-on looks like when packed. For a short trip, diapers and wipes can be arranged in this manner for convenience. 

Hope your next trip with baby is stress-free and filled with memories to cherish! :)

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