Friday, December 6, 2013

Apartment Bathroom Makeover and Organization

Living in an apartment, there isn't much you can do to your place in terms of makeovers. However, I felt that the colors I had chosen for my bathroom accessories were rather dull, making the small space feel even smaller. So I decided to see what I could do with it!

Here's a look at the "before": 

And the after:
I chose to go with light colors, to make the space feel more open. I wish I could paint the cabinets a lighter color too, but that's not possible in a rented apartment, unfortunately. Let's take a closer look!

On the far left of the counter, I keep my makeup. It's well organized and easily accessible in this carousel. There's a more detailed description of it in this post.

Around the sink area I kept my most-used items. I attempted to choose things that were similar in color to the theme I had chosen, and which were also suitable to my skin type. Although this is not always possible, it helps keep the area look more uniform, rather than if there were a mismatch of items scattered around.

On the far right of the counter, I keep my jewelry armoire. It holds my necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and keeps them really organized inside. This is a small version armoire that I found at Target. Usually they're bigger:

Moving on...

Here's a fun idea for decor: gather miscellaneous items from around the house which are just being thrown around, and store them in a basket. I found lotions, soaps, scrubs, sample products, oils, spa socks, neck massager and extra washcloths in drawers all over the house. The basket was for $1 from the Dollar Store. It gives a nice spa-like feel and I already had everything at home! Candles would look good too!

These frames were from Home Goods, and matched the bathroom perfectly. I plan to do some artwork for them.

Next, I have this rack, also from Target, to hold extra products. It doesn't take up much space and can hold a lot of things. I've also used it in much smaller apartments and it fits everywhere!

Instead of keeping makeup removers, sponges, cotton balls and q-tips in their plastic containers, I moved them all to glass jars. It gives it a more sophisticated, spa-like feel.

This is the "linen closet" behind the bathroom door. Basically just 3 racks :) On the top shelf I kept my son's bathtub and toys, followed by towels on the next one. I have perfumes and an extra jewelry box on the third shelf. Below that, I placed a really old bookshelf that we had, so I could have some extra storage. I keep my hair products in the black basket, and makeup travel cases next to it. There's a blue basket underneath (need to upgrade!) full of things we need to donate. That basket is usually full because there's always items that need to be purged at home to keep areas organized! Finally, I bought a glass weighing machine so that the area still feels open and not cramped. 

I organize my perfumes on a tray according to height.

And of course, hooks are always necessary behind doors for extra storage space for towels, robes and clothes!

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  1. I love hoe neat your bathroom is! ♥

  2. Very nice organization and I love your before and after. I hope you will share your post on Thank Goodness It's Thursday at - the party goes live on Thursday at 10am MST.

  3. whoah! I love with what you've done with your bathroom. I wish our bathroom here is as spacious like yours.

  4. This is so nice! I love the colour scheme you've chosen, very organised too! :)

  5. I love this, I live in an apartment too, and I only wish my bathroom was as big as yours. It looks lovely though, and great color choices. I love the make up storage too.

  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone! To those who want to know how to organize a smaller bathroom than this, I am currently working on the guest bathroom so I can make a post for you! It might take a while! :)


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