Thursday, September 5, 2013

Diaper Bag Organization

Diaper bags are, of course, essential when you have an infant. The day you don't pack enough clothes or diapers is the day disasters are bound to occur. Having learned from my mistakes from when my son was a month old and needed 6-8 pairs of clothes in an overnight trip, I feel I'm now well prepared for most situations! Luckily he doesn't need half as many clothes anymore when we go out as he's 11 months old. Phew!

So, introducing my diaper bag, the Petunia Pickle Bottom! This is a Boxy Backpack in Black Current. (Tip: get PPB items from . They have amazing deals twice a year I believe).

 You can wear it as a messenger bag or backpack. I chose messenger style - easier to hang on the stroller!

 Best part: It has a built in diaper changing system! Easily fits 4 diapers, wipes case (included) and some creams. I also keep a disposable changing pad behind the wipes if needed.

The pockets inside the bag

 Here are the contents inside the pockets.

In the most bottom part of the bag goes an extra pair of clothes for me. Never know when you'll need it with a baby!

 His clothes are placed in this Jujube Quick Pouch. It stays much more organized that way. I have a long-sleeved onesie, a short-sleeved one, pants, jacket, hat, extra diaper and travel wipes in this.

  And the remaining stuff: a cover, formula compartment box thingabobber, and a "Mommy pouch".

Here are the contents of my pouch

And there it is, all of those contents neatly stored away in the diaper bag with room to spare! 

There are 2 side pockets. I keep up to 2 bottles on one side.

And my wallet on another

 Lastly, I got this plastic bag dispenser for diapers for emergency situations, like changing it in the car. It's lightly scented, which is a plus!

Hope the tips were useful! 

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  1. Coool...seher do u use toothpASte to brush fazals teeth?

  2. His teeth just started growing out...He has 5 teeth growing altogether :/ I will ask the doctor at his 1 year appt iA.

    Also, please like the facebook page to continue getting updates!

  3. i may have a tip myself! who'd have known?!

    I found these small ravel spoons for the baby food pouches. they're small and come in a tiny plastic box, just gotta put em on the pouch and ur done. this way the dirty spoon has a place to go aaaand it takes less space than the bigger munchkin spoons!

    oh and i also hang a hand sanitizer on my ppb diaper bag! :D

  4. Oh wow thanks for the tip Faiza!! Do you know the brand name of those spoons! Will definitely have to check them out. Right now I just wipe these ones with a tissue and wrap it in the bib or find a place to wash it, but your method sounds more convenient!

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention there's a hand sanitizer in the outside pocket, lol.

    Thanks for the tips, appreciate it! :)


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