Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Patio / Balcony Decor

If you live in an apartment, you know very well that your backyard won't consist of vast lawns, swimming pools, or even a trampoline. All you get is a rectangle with some bars around it. 

All is not lost though, as you still have the blessing of pops of color to make the area fun and cheerful:

Since the rest of my apartment is mainly neutral colors, I decided to go all out and experiment with colors in the patio. I bought a couple of rocking chairs and had an extra 2-seater dining table from IKEA in the house which wasn't being used. Since it's a glass-top table, it makes the small space feel more open.

I got the cushions from Garden Ridge, where they're not pricey. The Moroccan Lantern was from Amazon, and it gives the patio some character. It has seen many thunderstorms and windy days and hasn't moved an inch!

It's so relaxing to sit there at night! Using a battery-operated candle of course! :)

Adding some plants gives it a refreshing feeling: 

The place has such a cozy feeling that we even get some neighborhood furry friends visiting us often! :)


  1. EXTREMELY romantic...especially the night pic!<3<3

    1. A perfect place to drink some lemonade :)


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