Monday, October 21, 2013

Re-purposing Makeup Case for Sewing Kit

I love re-purposing makeup bags. They're so perfectly compartmentalized, with zippers and pockets for small objects. The possibilities are endless. You may remember I have already done a post about re-purposing them for stationery back in this post:

This specific makeup case I use is for a small sewing kit used mainly for mending. It has some basic supplies. The brand name of the case is Modella. I couldn't find a website for it but I purchased it at Walmart for around $5. I have also seen this brand at Walgreens. 

Here are the contents:

The pictures are self-explanatory! Hope this post inspires some of you to re-purpose more affordable products rather than buying specialty products for everything like a sewing kit caddy, which is usually almost 5 times the price of this! Here's an example:

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