Monday, September 23, 2013

Undersink Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Organizing under the sink is always a problem because of all those pipes taking up so much space! There was a disaster going on under mine when the maintenance workers decided to push everything to the side to put in a fire extinguisher.

I decided to try and fix it up a bit. I thought it would become amazingly open like those pictures on Pinterest. I thought it would become like this beauty here:

But no, no such luck. Living in an apartment, there's very limited cabinet space in the kitchens to move things out of the way and make it look open. So here's what I came up with: 

I cleaned out the whole cabinet with some disinfectant wipes and lined the bottom. I then arranged these items: 

This is a plastic bag organizer I got from Amazon. It's really great quality and keeps the plastic bags looking neat and tidy.

For my reusable grocery bags, I cut up an old garbage bag box and folded up all the totes, lining them up so they're easy to see. That's some free organization right there!

I also used this old box of baby jar food to store wash cloths and rags. Re-purposing old boxes is a great way to organize without spending a dime!

I rolled the wash cloths up so they are more easily contained.

Finally, I made this purchase for this specific organizing project. It holds all of the most used cleaning supplies, and being a caddy is a plus as it can be taken from room to room!

It cost a grand total of $2.78 from Target! Quite a deal! It can be found in the dorm section and its actual purpose is for carrying shower supplies from the dorm room to the shared bathrooms.

Do you have any other tips for under the kitchen sink organization? I'd love to hear it in the comments below! :)


  1. I upcycle boxes for storage as well! Great job on getting organized, and I can't wait to see your planner post!

    1. Thanks Monika! The second planner post will be up next week! :)


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