Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trunk Organization

Keeping some items in the trunk when you're out and about is a necessity. I got this Trunk Organizer from the The Container Store. It's very useful in keeping things together in one place instead of all over the trunk and also has a lot of handy pockets. We have a small sedan so this smaller sized organizer worked perfectly:

The organizer has velcro on the bottom so it stays firm in the trunk

The other side of the trunk has an extra pocket. Apart from an umbrella which is kept there for easy access, I also keep these:

Some crackers, water bottles and sugar packets. Water bottles that are left in the car are not safe to drink on a regular basis because the heat of the plastic going into the water is hazardous to health. A better option is to buy glass or PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles. I usually just use these bottles to wash my hands if needed from the car. Sugar is a quick cure for those who faint or are feeling light-headed. 

Beside the trunk organizer are these items: a duster, an ice scraper and snow brush, and a lug wrench, which is used to loosen and tighten wheels on vehicles.

Front part of organizer has personal items while back part has car related items

        At the bottom of the front part I keep warm clothes for each family member, a blanket, and an extra bottle of water.

            This is an insulated tote for if we ever go on road trips                  

Inside the bag is yet another extra bottle of water which came with the tote, a granola bar and some more crackers. I also keep more granola bars in my son's diaper bag. I also keep other essentials in there such as spare phone chargers, so the post it worth checking out. The diaper bag travels with us everywhere.

I also keep a picnic blanket in the trunk at all times. This one folds up nicely into it's own bag. It's called a JJ Cole Essentials Blanket.

This is a bag I usually just use on overnight trips, but you never know when you'll need any of the items inside!

It's mainly personal care items. Things like hand-wash soap(I do not approve of the hotel tiny bar soaps!), face-wash, hair brush, lip balm, band-aids, candy for nauseousness, traveling spoons and forks, wet wipes and an extra toothbrush and toothpaste. Hey, you'll never know when you'll end up needing it!

The last thing I keep in the front compartment is a shopping cart and high chair cover for my son. I fold it up and put it in a tote bag.

As for the back section of the trunk organizer with is more of an auto-only zone, I keep the following: 

-Car jumper in case batteries die
-Air Compressor for inflating tires
-Tough stain and scratch remover
-Microfiber cloths
-Car washing liquids and sprays

Stuff I need to add:
- Reflective Triangle to be visible to those around you
-Bungee Cords or Tow Straps

Edit: Just got my folding shovel to get out of snow or if tire is stuck in dirt. 

It looks very handy! When folded, it's about the size of a small water bottle. Fits nicely into the trunk and you never know when it can come in use.  

So that's all I have as far as trunk organization goes. If you have any more ideas please comment below! :) 

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  1. Well done; it looks nice! Btw, kitty litter works great for getting a car out of snow & ice - a good addition for the winter months. :)

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  3. I actually encountered the same dilemma, then I read about the same concern in this blog "To Bring or Not to Bring. That is the question!" good read actually. So when we went to Japan last month we simply opted to buy this gate check bag that they are selling (not even $30) for our son's car seat


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